Adipsys is a software editor of network management which conceive innovative solutions adapted to the needs of professionals wishing to set up a personalized and successful public WiFi access.

Based in 2007, Adipsys knew how to raise big challenges in France and abroad.

The WiFi is now an expected service all around the world. Being connected, everywhere and securely is now inevitable.

That’s why increasingly professionals want to offer a public WiFi access to their clients.

However, this service is subject to legislation.

The law can blame people offering a free WiFi access.

All the data have to be stocked during a year and accessible for the juridiction, if needed.

Adipsys helps you to legally offer more services to your clients.

Know How

Adipsys has its own R&D expert team.

This team is specialized into the development of Cloud based network management platform.

The team get two expertises: the one of software technologies and the one of network technologies.

Adipsys is able to offer innovative solutions adapted to different kind of structures.

Adipsys can also bring its expertise on difficult projects needing tailor-made solutions.