Hotspot Manager (HM) is a multi-brand, multi-tenant Cloud solution allowing operators & integrators to customize and manage several hotspots WiFi.
This solution is used to centrally manage and operate several WiFi hotspots independently from the hotspot location and the WiFi equipment used.

The Hotspot Manager do not impose the application of a specific and owner access controller. Hotspot Manager relies on WiFi points controllers (virtualized, local, intregrated). 

This solution has multiple advantages : simplicity, reliability, competitivity. 

If needed, it is possible to centralize the access controller forwarding the data flow towards the centralized access controller dedicated to this function. 

You can manage one or several WiFi hotspots thanks to a simple web access.

All the necessary features like radius requests, captive portals, authentication modes to be used, application profiles, management of the administrators, database (users, sessions, etc.), statistics, support functions...are located in the HM server.

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Internet access controller can be either:

An access point controller integrated into the wifi ACCESS POINT (integrated access point).
The web access is local.

The access points controller is located in the site (local or virtualized acces points controller).
The web access is local.

A centralized access controller located in the Cloud with the HM solution.



HM is compatible with most of the access points (AP) and access controllers (AC) from the reputed vendors.

HM servers are preferably configured in high availability mode (redundant mode) for security and performance matters. 



  • The HM controller is no longer a dedicated equipment located between the Wi-Fi equipment and the router
  • The Wi-Fi controller also works as the Internet access controller thanks to the routing attributes sent by HM
  • Zone concept: is a group of WiFi hotspots sharing the same functional parameters and the same data base
  • Mutualization : a same HM platform can drive various hotspot businesses with separated data
  • Every hotspot or group of hotspots can be managed via a simple web access
  • Any kind of improvement or modification is immediately available at hotspot level
  • The HM performance is proportional to the hosting platform performance 100 % of the hotspots data are in the Cloud (no restoration / no protection are necessary)
  • The HM license is highly flexible : From 3 months to 3 years
  • Hosting : Saas (Adipsys) or Private Cloud

Added value

HM also offers value-added modules allowing "to monetize" the WiFi services which are gracefully offered to visitors.

We can list:

Advertising on portals
Visitor profile data collection via various authentication modes (personal data, verified e-mails, mobile...)

Sponsoring on portal
Client data base marketing (emailings, invitations, coupons…)

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