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At ADIPSYS, we are also adviser. Thus, we keep a constant watch to keep abreast of news, new trends, and the latest legislation concerning the Wi-Fi hotspot market. This helps us to better understand the needs of our customers as well as the stakes related to the installation of our solutions in their establishment. You will find on this page different articles, written during the campaign period in recent months. These articles are always relayed on our Linkedin page, so do not hesitate to follow us, to be the first informed. Good reading !

Wi-Fi enterprise and security: how to secure your Wi-Fi Corporat

Published the 04/16/2023

Study: Wi-Fi enterprise and security: how to secure your Wi-Fi Corporate?

These days, Wi-Fi security is a particularly important issue for businesses. According to The Tribune, 2022 is a record-breaking year with ransomware. Not to mention other attacks by hackers.


What is guest Wi-Fi, and how do I create a guest network

Published the 03/15/2022

What is guest Wi-Fi, and how do I create a guest network?

What exactly is guest Wi-Fi? You bring access to a network associated with your company’s network. It is set up in parallel. Connected people are usually visitors, prospects and customers, but also partners and technical staff. The use of guest Wi-Fi can be limited. Its purpose is to enjoy browsing the Web.


What type of Wi-Fi security should you choose for your business

Published the 02/17/2022

What type of Wi-Fi security should you choose for your business?

Protecting your company’s Wi-Fi network is not a single action. There are several steps to take, and good decisions to make! The first step is to look at security protocols. One of the best known is Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA. There is also a second and third version, called WPA2 and WPA3.


How does a captive portal work

Published the 01/14/2022

How does a captive portal work? Here are the basics.

The captive portal is also known as captive portal login. The principle of the captive portal is to allow a person to connect to a Wi-Fi network, under the condition of providing identifiers (e-mail, name, first name…). During the identification, the user is redirected to a web page with normally a form to fill.


Published the 11/14/2022

What are the requirements for communities to benefit from territorial Wi-Fi?

What conditions must be met by communities to benefit from Wi-Fi? Discover the conditions with the Abeille law, the use of personal data and the rules to be respected with the project owner.


Published the 10/12/2022

Internet use in the World from 2021 to 2022

In what ways will users use the internet in 2022? Habits are rapidly evolving towards an ever increasing digitalization, especially since the health situation. Discover the new expectations especially with online shopping, personal data, the most consulted content formats.


Published the 09/15/2022

How are communities faring in the face of cyberattacks?

How do communities respond to cyber attacks? Are they able to adapt? What are their weaknesses and challenges? Find out the essential information about their challenges in the face of hackers.


Published the 07/13/2022

The Basics about WI-FI 6

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6, and what are the benefits and challenges of its deployment? Discover the advantages of the 802.11 ax standard.


Published the 05/16/2022

The growth of the wireless LAN enterprise market in 2022

How will the wireless LAN enterprise market grow from 2022? Get an overview of the current situation with key numbers, Wi-Fi 6 deployment and China’s progress.


Published the 04/14/2022

What are the figures for the WLAN market as of 2020?

What was the demand for the WLAN market in the tumultuous year of 2020? Find out the sales figures, the role of Wi-Fi 6 with product purchases, but also the challenges and prospects with the general public.


Published the 03/15/2022

What was the global public Wi-Fi market as of 2019?

How did the global Wi-Fi market fare in 2019? Find the essential industry figures before the changes generated by the 2020 health situation.


Published the 02/14/2022

The essentials of territorial Wi-Fi for communities

What are the advantages and challenges of territorial Wi-Fi for local authorities? Find information on coverage of public areas, captive portals, user expectations and deployment methods.


Published the 12/24/2021

ADIPSYS wishes you a Happy New Year 2022!

The ADIPSYS team wishes you all the best for 2022!

We sincerely thank our customers and partners for their loyalty and trust! 2022 promises to be a year full of surprises and challenges. Our resolution: always bring you the best of services!

Read our announcement on Log4Shell.


Published the 12/08/2021

A new partnership with ADIPSYS: GROUPE CONVERGENCE

We are very pleased to announce a partnership with GROUPE CONVERGENCE: the first French group with a network of IT, telecom, protection and multimedia integrators! The organization delivers security and communication solutions, and ensures the installation and maintenance of equipment for customers located in France, the overseas territories, but also in Monaco and Andorra.

Published the 09/27/2019

Study: Benefits of Free Public Wi-Fi for businesses

The fact that free Wi-Fi got integrated in many countries and industries proves that it can bring benefits to customers and companies. Stores, restaurants and retailers realize that it is better to provide connectivity to their customers and visitors. It is even possible to make profit with your Wi-Fi with advertising and marketing!


Published the 07/26/2019

Study: Using Wi-Fi to increase Customer Loyalty in Restaurants

Free Wi-Fi is no longer seen as a “bonus” in restaurants: it is now a prerequisite, which can brings many challenges to an establishment but also a lot of opportunities to the table!



On 04/11/2019

Study: Wi-Fi in public transport, a key success factor in 2019

The time spent on public transport is considerable. Offering high speed Wi-Fi is a highly appreciated service, improving the trip. But beyond the satisfaction of the traveler, why is this service now a competitive advantage for transport companies?


On 04/09/2019

Infographics: User Experience in Public Transport

How often do users take public transport? For how long do they travel? What type of public transport is the most used? What are they doing during long journey? Discover in this infographics all the answers to these questions!


A woman connecting to Wi-Fi network

On 04/02/2019

Study: Choose a captive portal to secure your Wi-Fi network

Create and deploy a captive portal can significantly secure your Wi-Fi network. We explain in this article how the captive portal works, but also, how it is able to make the users connection more secure



On 03/27/2019

Study: How to secure public Wi-Fi

Data piracy has increased last years and cybercrime become more and more professional. However, there are ways to block threats and protect users’ activities. Discover in this article how to secure your public Wi-Fi.


Infographics - Public Wi-Fi Hotspot and Data security - ADIPSYS

On 03/07/2019

Infographics: Public Wi-Fi Hotspot and Data Security

Many of us enjoy public Wi-Fi in a shop or at the airport, but are we really aware of the risks we face? What methods do hackers use to steal your data? Who is responsible for the security of your data?


Study - How to retain event visitor

On 02/22/2019

Study: how to retain event visitor?

The challenges of retention of an event visitor are very specific. Visitors are multi-faithful and volatile. How to make them back? In this article we give you all the tips you need to set up a solid visitor retention strategy.


On 02/13/2019

Study: What are the expectations of the event customer in 2019

Faced with the consumer’s attitude changes, we decipher in this article, their new expectations when they go to an event? What are they looking for? How to satisfy them?


Infographics - The events in 2019 - The big challenges to take up

On 02/08/2019

Infographics: the event in 2019, the big challenges to take up

Discover at a glance the major challenges facing the event sector in 2019. What are the impacts of visitors? What are the needs of event organizations?


Study - 4 ways to develop the customer experience in store

On 01/28/2019

Study: 4 ways to develop customer experience in store

In this article, we explain concretely and through examples how it is possible, through Wi-Fi, to give an experience to your customers in store. We introduce our solutions so you can better understand their features and purposes.


4 reasons why it is urgent to build on the customer experience in 2019

On 01/25/2019

Study: 4 reasons why it is urgent to build on the customer experience in 2019

In this article, we explain why it’s important to consider developing customer experience as a fundamental marketing and business strategy


Infographics - 4 challenges for retail in 2019

On 01/10/2019

Infographics: 4 challenges for retail in 2019

2019 has come with a lot of challenges ahead. We created an infographic explaining the 4 challenges in the store industry. These 4 challenges aim to optimize the customer experience.


News - GDPR white paper

On 05/25/2018

White Paper: GDPR

Read now our white paper about GDPR and discover the changes we have done in our solution to make you compliant with this new regulation