The story of ADIPSYS

Once upon de time, the creation

When he created ADIPSYS, François Bourdais was then an expert in Networks and Wi-Fi technologies. He was previously working at ORANGE LAB. In 2012, he decided to call a specialist in business development: Yves Nouailhetas. François became President of ADIPSYS while Yves became the general manager. Both are still taking care of the business development of the company all around the world.

Years after years, the ADIPSYS' family is growing

Their common passion for new technologies related to Wi-Fi brings the newly created company to an ambitious project with great potential. It is really around these two complementary talents that the team was built.

Adipsys now has a team of Research & Development experts with experienced engineers. Historically, the research and development center Adipsys is located in Sophia Antipolis. The team is specialized in publishing IP network management solutions with a dual mastery: software technologies and network technologies. Adipsys is able to provide innovative solutions for many types of structures. In addition, ADIPSYS provides its expertise on complex projects requiring tailor-made adaptations.

From day to day, the potential and success of ADIPSYS continues to grow !

Since the creation of ADIPSYS, its success has been based on the original and unique nature of the solutions it develops. The originality of Hotspot Manager, a 100% Cloud based solution, is no longer a debate. It stands out indeed very quickly from competitors who all still offer hardware solutions whereas the market is moving more and more towards the cloud. By choosing the cloud, ADIPSYS then focuses on simplicity and reliability, while always providing more services. Hotspot Manager is no longer just a hotspot management tool, but becomes a real marketing & Big Data tool.

For all these reasons, Hotspot Manager aims to turn Wi-Fi networks into real business opportunities!

Pictogram - users of ADIPSYS' solutions
ADIPSYS story: white pictogram : planet where ADIPSYS has deployed its solutions
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Deployed equipments
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