The event industry includes all the venues dedicated to events (stadiums, concert halls, exhibitions, racecourse, etc.) likely to offer Wi-Fi to visitors. Discover, in a non-exhaustive way, how the ADIPSYS solutions answer the specific needs of the places dedicated to the events, what benefits are drawn as well as examples of applications.


  • Provide Wi-Fi access with no network equipment constraints, over a period of time
  • Meeting the needs of the user who wants to share his/her experience on social networks
  • Promote cross-selling via the distribution of personalized offers
  • Facilitate interaction with the user by generating and broadcasting original contents, intended to mark his/her mind
  • Being able to make the event live beyond physical space and after D-Day
  • After the event, be able to retarget in a personalized way, the users for the next upcoming events
  • Ensure legal compliance: Hadopi law, anti-terrorism decree, RGPD law


  • Modernization your brand image and rise of awareness
  • Transformation of visitors into ambassadors who communicate about their lived experience to their friends via social media (earned media)
  • Creation of an interaction with the visitors during the event which is suitable for the deployment of a re-targeting and loyalty strategy
  • Optimization of the knowledge of your visitors via the collected data in order to personalize the offers during the event
  • With DNS Protect, protect visitors from malicious content during an event


  • Before the event, simplify the clients’ entry into the location by communicate about an access plan on the multilingual login portal
  • Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, the user have access to all the services related to the event, from his seat (menu, program, etc.)
  • The user can replay the best moment of the event and participate in contests with other visitors
  • Analyze users’ density with geofencing, adjust staff distribution
  • Encourage users to connect to your Wi-Fi by offering animations only available on the login portal
  • After the event, send targeted emailing to collected email addresses, to make the user come back to the next event
Motion design image : a hand is activating the Wi-Fi on a phone

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