The Basics about WI-FI 6

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6, and what are the benefits and challenges of its deployment? Discover the advantages of the 802.11 ax standard.

Wi-Fi 6 is a new indoor wireless standard.

Wi-Fi 6 represents the next evolution of the local area network since 2019.

It was planned to launch the standard in March 2020, but its access has been advanced to facilitate its integration.

  • More efficient.

  • Benefits for businesses and communities

  • Improves the uses for spaces with a large number of users.

The different versions of WIFI were named with a sequence of numbers and letters.

For example 802.11a, which refers to the first version of WIFI used by the general public.

“802.11” is the technical name of WIFI and the letter “a” indicates the compatibility standard.

When the latest connection standard evolved in 2019, the WIFI Alliance, the group of companies that owns the WIFI brand, decided to simplify the term.

Instead of calling this new standard WIFI 802.11ax, it becomes WIFI 6, replacing WIFI 802.11ac, which is WIFI 5.

20 WiFi standards before WiFi 6.

A Wi-Fi standard refers to a version of Wi-Fi technology.

Several standards have followed one another since 1999. They have led to significant developments in WiFi technologies.

The advantages of Wi-Fi 6

1. A better connection speed, 40% higher than the theoretical speeds of Wi-Fi 5.

2. Higher data rates.

3. Better coverage and stability in the home (Smart home) and the ability to link connected objects.

4. The quality of the public Wi-Fi connection in large cities and busy places (train stations, airports…)

5. Less congestion!

6. Reduced consumption of batteries (phones, tablets, smartwatches, computers…).

7. Wi-Fi 6 has the Target Wake Time system. It allows communication between the router and the devices to be put to sleep.

8. Data security with the most modern encryption, WPA3. More powerful protection.

Extended Wi-Fi range

Wi-FI 6 features OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access).

It allows devices to optimize bandwidth usage. No loss of speed when connecting your devices!

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