A network of recognized integrators and operators

ADIPSYS solutions might be sold by integrators and operators to their final clients. However, the needs of integrators and operators are different and specific.

First of all, the integrators deploy hardware infrastructures. Today, they are asking more and more to get a managed service platform able to manage all the Hotspots Wi-Fi. In addition, this platform has to be compatible with a maximum of Wi-Fi terminals of the market. It also has to be multi-business. This will allow them to manage several clients on a single platform. Finally, integrators usually do not have their own hosting center. This is the reason why ADIPSYS knows how to give them the opportunity to be hosted in ADIPSYS’ server.

Operators have quite different issues, which we know how to answer just as well. Operators sell Wi-Fi infrastructures and they are more and more looking for an additional managed services. ADIPSYS thus meets their need to create business synergies between hardware and software that are highly appreciated by their own clients. In addition, operators often have their own hosting structures and want to host our solutions on their own server. We offer them this possibility.

Integrators and operators - Alsatis logo

ALSATIS ISP. Alsatis is a provider of Internet access, networks, satellite, fiber optics and cloud services for companies

Integrators and operators: Interway logo

GROUPE INTERWAY offers a global service, bringing to Retail companies and players innovative digital technology solutions.

NXO As an independent and leading services company, NXO integrates and manages digital communications for private companies as well as public administrations. NXO designs, builds and runs Communication & Collaboration, Digital infrastructure and Security solutions. With revenues of 248m€ and 39 locations in France, NXO employs 1.230 people, whose recognized expertise helps attract the best talents.

Integrators and operators: QOS telecom logo

QOS TELECOM QOS Telecom is a Wi-Fi operator specializing in local authorities and the public transport sector. It deploys and operates Wi-Fi networks based on "smart WiFi" solutions, a tailor-made offer and value-added services (Territorial Marketing, Geolocation, Metering, BigData, IoT, ..).

Integrators and operators - Auranext logo

AURANEXT As a telecom operator and network integrator, AURANEXT assists and advises companies in and around Paris

Ipsilan networks logo

IPSILAN Dynamic IT platform installers meeting business imperatives, while respecting procedures.
The experience and the added value of Ipsilan Networks make it possible to understand all the problems of its clients

Integrators and operators: Nomosphere logo

NOMOSPHERE As a 100% NomoTech subsidiary, Nomosphère is a specialist WiFi operator for high-speed mobile access. Nomosphere operates some of the densest networks in the country

Simplenet logo

SIMPLENET Resellers of professional equipment specialized in the sale of products belonging to the following solutions: Secure power supplies, alarms / access control, antennas, wireless / wireless / wireless network, router / switch, video protection, IP telephony

Integrators and operators - Equipages Logo

EQUIPAGES accompanies its clients in the architecture of the network infrastructure and its security. Equipages' mission is to provide the elements of your infrastructure, deploy them and maintain them

myosotis logo

MYOSOTIS Myosotis is specialized in the equipment of companies and communities in IT solutions, networks, and printing solutions. We bring you a know-how based on over 25 years of experience, with hundreds of references: major accounts, SME-TPE, hotels, communities, etc.

Logo orange event solution

ORANGE EVENTS SOLUTION Orange Events Solutions supports companies, institutions and event professionals in the design and deployment of solutions

integrators and operators: SFR logo

SFR BUSINESS Operator and expert of IT hosting solutions and cloud computing. Solutions enable businesses and governments to make digital transformation a fully-fledged development lever

Integrators and operators: interdata logo

INTERDATA Interdata is specialized in the supply and integration of innovative solutions and services with high added value

Integrators and operators: Nerim logo

NERIM Created in 1999, Nerim was one of the first operators to offer ADSL connections in France. Nerim develops its services to meet all the communication needs of VSEs, SMEs and Administrations

Logo emea orange

ORANGE EMEA, Roumania and Moldova Internet operators subsidiaries of the Orange group. . The EMEA zone is located in Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Orange Guinea, Madagascar, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Niger

Sysoco logo

SYSOCO French leader in the integration of radiocommunication systems and Smart Connect solutions. Sysoco's mission is to optimize and secure the communication of the operators of the city of the future and industry 4.0

via numerica logo

VIA NUMERICA Present since 2005 in the Savoie and Ain departments as a high-speed and very high-speed telecom operator, Via Numérica's teams have mastered Fiber Optic, Copper, Radio Frequency and 4G technologies to create reliable and efficient networks. in the service of professionals.

Cap ING deploys communication networks for "smart cities", outdoor holiday centers and other sites dedicated to tourism and sites dedicated to tourism

Integrators and operators: Wifi metropolis logo

WIFI METROPOLIS Mobile app and WIFI network, allowing users to build networks in their area, earn rewards and take advantage of networks others have created

Integrators and operators: Wiibus logo

WIIBUS Powerful solution of public WiFi onboard. Wiibus equips public transport with Wi-Fi

Do you want to become an ADIPSYS partner operator or integrator?

Becoming a partner offers many advantages:

  • Buy the solution in white label, so that you can add your logo and your name on the plateform
  • High availability (on condition of having three different servers)
  • Privileged access to commercial and technical documentary resources in your account
  • Technical trainings to understand all the features of our solutions
  • Many training workshops for your sales teams to enable them to take ownership of the solutions
  • Effective and quality support based in France
  • Regular training on technological innovations improving our solutions
  • A list of discounted and attractive prices, allowing you to win business with your customers