The education industry includes all schools (primary school, college, high school, university, etc.) that can offer Wi-Fi to their students. Discover, in a non-exhaustive way, how ADIPSYS solutions meet the specific needs of schools, what benefits are derived from them and examples of applications.


  • Meet the needs of students to be connected within their school
  • Modernize the image and strengthen the competitiveness of your institution
  • Allow students to be connected anywhere on campus with their own device
  • Be able to control the usage and duration of Wi-Fi connection with Hotspot Manager
  • With Logview, ensure legal compliance: Hadopi law, anti-terrorism decree, RGPD law


  • Improve the image and competitiveness of your institution
  • Enrich the educational experience by giving the opportunity to work with connected objects or courses via video-conference
  • Strengthen communication with the various actors in your institution
  • Give the opportunity to students to work with their own device (Bring Your Own Device) and thus reduce the operating costs of your institution
  • Protect your students from malicious content (pornography, incitement to racial hatred, violence, etc.) with DNS Protect


  • Automatic reconnection of students’ devices to Wi-Fi
  • Communicate effectively with all your students via a multilingual login portal
  • Communicate differently to the students and teaching staff
  • Periodically promote a special event within your school (Open Day, Inter-School Match)
  • Give access to certain tools on the connection portal such as a school map
  • Set Wi-Fi access according to your needs (limitation of connection time during exam periods, choice of device that can be connected to Wi-Fi)
  • Ensure enough bandwidth to allow students to present video in class
Motion design image: students are working thanks to the Wi-Fi of their school

Did you know ?

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