Smart cities include all cities and municipal institutions (town hall, library, theater, swimming pool, gym, etc.) likely to offer Wi-Fi to their citizens. Discover, in a non-exhaustive way, how ADIPSYS solutions meet the specific needs of cities, what benefits are derived from them as well as examples of applications.


  • Bring your community into the digital age
  • Develop a close relationship with your fellow citizens by communicating with them thanks to the Studio tool
  • Manage all your Wi-Fi access in a simple and centralized way with Hotspot Manager
  • Provide broadband access for your entire city
  • Thanks to Logview and DNS Protect, ensure legal compliance: Hadopi law, anti-terrorist decree, RGPD law


  • Improve the image of your city and make it an attractive Smart City
  • Strengthen communication with your citizens
  • Develop the knowledge of your fellow citizens (movements, most visited places)
  • Protect confidential data through the reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection portal
Motion design image: three people are connected to the Wi-Fi in their city


  • The connection portal can offer a survey of satisfaction to your fellow citizens
  • Communicate on offered jobs’ and services’ offers via the login portal
  • In the library, people can check online the availability of books and book them
  • In a museum, visitors can install a dedicated application, working as an audio-guide
  • At the station, analyze the number and the duration of Wi-Fi connections to forecast the development of additional public transports’ services
  • Send promotional coupons to former customers, for a play that will take place soon

Did you know ?

We give you the opportunity to test Hotspot Manager for free for several weeks so that you can see all the benefits. To do this, simply click on Free Trial.