Dynamism and taste of innovation bring us together!

It was around two talents (Yves Nouailhetas and François Bourdais) that the ADIPSYS family was created. Today this family counts around ten members. Despite the division into two separate offices, the ADIPSYS team is everyday working together. The administrative office is based in Issy les Moulineaux and the Research & Development and Support office is based in Sophia Antipolis.

In this company on a human scale, each of the members carry high values ​​that are in the genes of ADIPSYS:

  • The taste of innovation and challenge
  • The capacity of being proactive and reactive
  • Team work
  • Passion for new technologies
  • The sense of service and enthusiasm to satisfy the clients
  • An always positive mind

At Adipsys we believe in it thoroughly and we are ultra motivated!

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ADIPSYS team: Motion design image with four people working in an office