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How to use it ? ADIPSYS indirectly sells its solutions (BtoBtoB). We actually sells our solutions to a network of integrators, operators and distributors. Then they will sell our solutions to end users which are for example hotel owners, city representative, CIO, school director, etc.

Starting from this premise, we understood that the questions asked by an operator are not the same as those asked by an integrator. We also realized that the needs of an integrator/operator are also different from the ones asked by a distributor. Thus we have developed this very detailed FAQ in which you will find :

  • The specific answers to the questions of your expertise and industry.
  • We have also developed a lexicon allowing you to understand our technical jargon.
  • In addition, we have added questions about our solutions (functionality, compatibility, price, free trial, training, hosting, set up, support).
  • Finally, in the context of the multiplication of laws concerning Hotspot Wi-Fi, we have also written a specific insert to answer your questions about the subject.
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Today more and more establishments offer free public Wi-Fi. Indeed, if your establishment is in a zone where the 4G is good, your users will prefer to use their 4G rather than paying to enjoy your charged Wi-Fi. On the other hand, you can choose to offer a charged Wi-Fi if your establishment is in a black spot, or an area where 3G and 4G are nearly non-existent. Your users will have no choice but to pay for Wi-Fi if they want to go on the internet. Finally, you can also choose to offer free access up to a certain limit. the user will then have to pay.

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Traditionally, we do not go in for direct selling. In fact we work in BtoBtoC. We go through a network of integrators, operators and distributors to sell our solutions. We invite you to contact our sales team so that we can redirect you to the most appropriate integrators / operators given your project. You can, if you wish, directly contact one of our clients among operators / integrators / resellers, listed in the category “partner” in the main menu

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