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How to use it ? ADIPSYS indirectly sells its solutions (BtoBtoB). We actually sells our solutions to a network of integrators, operators and distributors. Then they will sell our solutions to end users which are for example hotel owners, city representative, CIO, school director, etc.

Starting from this premise, we understood that the questions asked by an operator are not the same as those asked by an integrator. We also realized that the needs of an integrator/operator are also different from the ones asked by a distributor. Thus we have developed this very detailed FAQ in which you will find :

  • The specific answers to the questions of your expertise and industry.
  • We have also developed a lexicon allowing you to understand our technical jargon.
  • In addition, we have added questions about our solutions (functionality, compatibility, price, free trial, training, hosting, set up, support).
  • Finally, in the context of the multiplication of laws concerning Hotspot Wi-Fi, we have also written a specific insert to answer your questions about the subject.
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You can contact support via your account, or by going to the bottom of our website and clicking on contact technical support.

Category: Support

Yes, ADIPSYS can count on a technical highly qualified support, available to answer all your questions in term of set up, compatibility or configuration. It is located in Sophia Antipolis, and is reachable from 9am to 12am and 2pm to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. Depending on the type of hosting chosen, our support will provide a number of services such as set up, updates, supervision and security of our solutions.

Category: Support