Frequently asked questions

How to use it ? ADIPSYS indirectly sells its solutions (BtoBtoB). We actually sells our solutions to a network of integrators, operators and distributors. Then they will sell our solutions to end users which are for example hotel owners, city representative, CIO, school director, etc.

Starting from this premise, we understood that the questions asked by an operator are not the same as those asked by an integrator. We also realized that the needs of an integrator/operator are also different from the ones asked by a distributor. Thus we have developed this very detailed FAQ in which you will find :

  • The specific answers to the questions of your expertise and industry.
  • We have also developed a lexicon allowing you to understand our technical jargon.
  • In addition, we have added questions about our solutions (functionality, compatibility, price, free trial, training, hosting, set up, support).
  • Finally, in the context of the multiplication of laws concerning Hotspot Wi-Fi, we have also written a specific insert to answer your questions about the subject.
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Wi-Fi Hotspots and legislation

The anti-terrorist law, passed in January 2006, obliges site managers to keep certain traffic data, including logs. The Logview solution responds to this need and allows you to comply with this decree.

Our solutions help you to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We wrote a white paper explaining all the changes we made (https, CGI, etc.). You are invited to read it directly on your account. No account yet? Create in one!

When a web site address (URL) starts with https://, it means that the web site you are about to navigate on is 100% secure (no risk of hacking data, etc.). All the captive portals you will create thanks to our solutions, are https:// to ensure the maximum security of the personal data of your clients

By offering public Wi-Fi, you are responsible if a user illegally downloads content like a movie for example. You must secure your Wi-Fi by filtering illegal download sites. Our DNS Protect solution meet this need.

By providing a public Wi-Fi access to your clients/employees, you become a Wi-Fi operator and will have to respect a variety of rules. You must :

  • Report to ARCEP (the French Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts) your establishment as a place where a public Wi-Fi connection is offered
  • Be able to authenticate all connections to your Wi-Fi via a captive portal. Our solution Hotspot Manager meets this requirement.
  • Keep some log data for one year. Our Logview solution meets this requirement.
  • Be in compliance with the Hadopi law by filtering illegal websites. Our DNS Protect solution meets this requirement.

SSID means Service Set Identifier. It is the name of a Wi-Fi network. This name appears when you search for a Wi-Fi network on your devices. This name allows the Wi-Fi user to easily recognize the Wi-Fi network of your establishment, coffee shop, city, business office. We advise you to choose a sufficiently explicit SSID to be easily find.

A Wi-Fi terminal, also known as AP (Access Point) is used to relay Wi-Fi anywhere in your facility. You will have to install more or less Wi-Fi terminals depending on the size of your site and the number of connected people. Our pricing (license fee and variable costs) is based on the number of Wi-Fi terminals you have installed, whereas our competitors base their pricing on the connection’s number by AP.

The Wi-Fi controller and the Wi-Fi terminal are two different components with specific fonctions. The Wi-Fi controller is the source of the Wi-Fi stream in your establishment. In other words, without a Wi-Fi controller, no Wi-Fi connection would be possible. The Wi-Fi controller is however not sufficient. It is imperative to also install a Wi-Fi terminals or AP (Access Point). The number of Wi-Fi terminals to be installed will depend on the size of your establishment and the number of connected people (huge hotel with many rooms or small coffeeshop). These Wi-Fi terminals will relay the Wi-Fi stream and allow users to be connected to Wi-Fi everywhere.

A Wi-Fi zone can group multiple Wi-Fi Hotspots

You may only use a Wi-Fi controller. But, if you only use a Wi-Fi controller, your Wi-Fi will remain a cost for you. Moreover you will not be able to collect Wi-Fi user data or broadcast ultra-targeted advertising content. By adding our solutions, the cost turns into an investment: you digitize your spaces, you consolidate your image, you can identify and qualify your visitors, analyze their behavior and strengthen their loyalty. Finally, you multiply the opportunities of communication. Go to the solutions pages to find out more!